Drive the iconic British Sportscar on track in a fun and learning environment at a top UK circuit

morgan driving experienceWe are passionate about Morgans and offer track tuition, driving experiences and race preperation. We believe the perfect driving experience consists of expert tuition, a friendly environment and all the track time driving a Morgan. We’ve raced, sold and fixed Morgans for many years so join us on our Morgan Driving Experience Motor Company approved events.

The Morgan is a unique brand of thoroughbred that blends the essence of motorsport with stunning seat -of- your-pants performance. In an age of mass production Morgan represents individuality, character and the best in British craftsmanship.

Morgan driving experience

Our experiences are unique and not available anywhere else.

The Morgan is seriously quick car without ever seeming to try too hard.

Loosen your grip on the wheel a little and let it do its own thing on a bumpy road,.That’s when the Morgan really starts to fly, cornering keenly and wonderfully all-of-a-piece, and gets right under your skin.


A wonderful day, friendly, generous hosts. Excellent teaching.

From planning a corner and better understanding the dynamics of weight transfer to advanced tuition, the Morgan driving experience is thorough but relaxed. We will teach you about planning a corner, weight transfer and the consequences of your inputs via steering and pedals. We also cover advanced concepts such as trail braking, the traction circle and ‘heel and toe’. Each session is tailored to the individual and our tuition is adapted to your requirements. This means that all Morgan Driving Experiences are suitable for all levels of driver – from newly passed drivers to experienced racers.

Our events take place at some of the best and most historic circuits in the UK and we welcome guests of participants. All events have viewing areas, refreshments and a lounge area for relaxing, or recovering. And all prices are inclusive of vat. Contact us for more Information.

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